Breakdown of all properties (keys)

  • 31 March 2021
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I’m new to MixPanel and would like to create a breakdown (pie) of all (and subset) of properties from specific event.

for example, event called Products List.

the properties are

Product Name: Product 1 (key:value)

Product Name: Product 2 (key:value)





3 replies

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Hello Eran,


Would love to provide a thoughtful response here -- can you replace the example with hypothetical values that represent the product name, product 1 and 2, and the key values? This will help me understand what you’re considering.


Secondly, can you give me some example questions you would like to answer with this data?  This will help me provide feedback on the best way to track this data to answer those questions.




Sorry for the late response I was on vacation :).


Lets say my Event is called Applications.

The properties can be applications and some general information about the apps.

For example,

Property name = WhatsApp and Value =  ID: com.whatsapp,V: 2.47.1

 or Zoom: ID: com.zoom.ppo,V: 1.44.2


The general properties can be,

OS: Android

Vendor: Samsung

Device: SM-980F


The question I need to answer is, What are the most common applications used by Samsung?
How the applications are distributed (regardless of the OS and other general properties)?


ArthurCilley please advice.