Why don't you have a/b testing for websites?

  • 13 February 2019
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I think it's great that you support a/b testing for apps but I still need to go to an a/b testing vendor because you can't do websites. I would love it if you could solve all a/b testing needs. Is this in the roadmap?


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2 replies


I don't really see how a product like Mixpanel which is more about tracking actions and providing insights would be compatible with driving a website or product to display different things to users for A/B testing. I can understand the desire to have a single vendor, but the problem with one stop shops is that often do many things in a mediocre way instead of doing one thing really well.

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@juan1001 - I think this is a great feedback on our available features! Mind posting this in the ideas section (rather than Q&A) so that it can get some votes from the community and better visibility from our product team? Adding the topic tag of "ABTesting" might also help for better searchability.