Why does my data not match up for Cohorts and Explore reports? Do I have duplicate data?

  • 27 November 2018
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Every time I create a cohort, it always has more users than my Explore report. I don't understand how this makes sense as my parameters are exactly the same. Do I have duplicate data somewhere??


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Hi @stephanie.whitlock,

For the Explore report, Mixpanel is only looking at those users for whom you have explicitly created a people profile for. Only users who have been identified and have a people.set() type call sent into Mixpanel will have a people profile created for them. "Anonymous" users who have not triggered the creation of a people profile will not show up in the results.

The Cohorts feature, however, looks through the distinct_id of every event, regardless of whether or not that distinct_id has an associated people profile in Mixpanel. This means all the "anonymous" users who never had a people profile created for them can show up in the Cohort numbers but not in the Explore report.

If you are using the export option to view the Cohort members, detailed here, Mixpanel will show the people profile if the user has one and all anonymous users will show up in the list as a distinct_id with no people properties assigned.