What’s the best way to create mobile and tablet cohorts in Mixpanel?

  • 9 August 2019
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As far as I can tell, Mixpanel doesn’t do any automatically labelling of mobile and tablet users. It would be really nice to segment these though for lots of reasons.

Identifying mobile users though isn’t a super-simple process. Do you have any advice for how best to create visit cohorts that are labelled “desktop, mobile, tablet”?

Thank you


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Hey @petenixey!

If you are using Mixpanel's client-side library for iOS, the default property of model should be collected. Model ($model) would tell you the device model ID, in format "iPad 3,4"- full list here. Take a look at their Default Properties article to learn what other default properties Mixpanel collects (different libraries collect different things).

With the Model property, you can filter on the explore report by iPad 3,4 or iPhone4,1 property and create a cohort for either iPad users or iPhone users.

Hope this helps you get started!



HI Shawn,

Thanks for your answer. I am aware that I can get the device details but each one of these devices is only a small segment of the overall namespace of devices available. I can manually create cohorts that include these devices but they would need updating as devices emerge into the market. I could also create cohorts based on screen width. However both of these cohorts need gardening to keep them accurate so I was wondering whether there was any central tool to do this. Similar to the way that Google Analytics segments traffic into tablet and mobile.



For iOS you can create a tablet cohort - of profiles or events, with filter “Model contains iPad”. Similarly, you can create a smartphone cohort, of profiles or events, with filter “Model contains iPhone”. This is a start, but if you are using a cohort of profiles and a user has both an iPhone and an iPad, it becomes difficult to distinguish.

Not as much luck on the Android side unfortunately. You cannot use the Model property to isolate smartphone vs. tablet usage or users, unfortunately. Definitely would be useful to have.

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@petenixey sorry this will take some gardening and use of custom properties but would also love for you to post an idea with this here