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what is the best way to track marketing campaign in mixpanel

  • 9 March 2022
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i want to be able to track the impact of a marking campaign on user growth and specifically how those users went on to interact with our product.

i.e users who converted from campaign A, became super users

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@Tomricco you can use all the reports for this, here’s an overview of each of them:

  • Insights - for questions like 'how-often?' or 'how-many?' or 'when?' and also 'what?' (it's the swiss-army-knife report really…)
  • Funnels - to see time to value ( down to the minute), conversion rates, frequency, drop offs, structured user journeys and more
  • Flows - to see natural user journeys to, from and between specific events
  • Retention - to analyse your user's repeat behaviour, can even breakdown by channel or any other property
  • Cohort - segmenting your users by their action and/or inaction, the land of the power and dormant users
  • Signal - The place to figure out the events that lead to the aforementioned segmentation for better or worse
  • Impact - Answers the question 'did it work?' around anything new
  • Experiments - Shows you the differences between 2 user segments across a whole list of KPIs

You also want to look at a few things specifically:

There’s also a post with some more ideas here.