What does "All Events" with the "Unique" filter correlate to?

  • 19 September 2019
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In Mixpanel > Insights, you can elect to see "All Events" (the sum of all events) filtered by "Unique." My understanding of "unique" is for a given specific event, a count of uniques is a count of unique users. For "All Events", does "Unique" filter to single users for all events (e.g. no user is double counted in the aggregate) or are users counted n times for each unique event they contribute to?

Example of an environment with only two events:

  • "Viewed Page" uniques - 2 (i.e. 2 unique users {marissa, bob} viewed page in a given period)
  • "Logged Out" uniques - 3 (i.e. 3 unique users {marissa, jeff, tim} logged out in the same period)
  • "All Events" uniques - what should the count be of the above, and who is included in the set? 5 events where "marissa" is counted 2x? or 4 events where "marissa" is counted 1x? Or possibly 2 unique events?

It seems like it should be double counting users that contribute uniquely to each event, but unclear if this is actually what is occurring.

1 reply

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@Adoniram All Events with unique count on, would count all unique users that trigger any event (as in one count per user), within the same time frame.

In your example, if the time frame is the same for all events, the Unique Count of All Events should be 4 unique users (Total count of all events would be 5).

Maybe you have seen this, but I have found their Data Function article super helpful in knowing the count of unique vs total as well when I first started poking around. Hope this helps you too!