visualize user journey of a feature in application

Hi! I’m a beginner at MixPanel and using analytics in general so please forgive my ignorance.

I’d like a report that tracks the user journey of a specific feature in my application. That is, I know of an event that signals the user has entered the application page in question, and (I assume) I’ll have to track an event that signals the user has left the page. Then I would like to see all events that occur while the user is on that application page (screen updates, button clicks, etc.). This could be variable as we’re trying to understand how users are utilizing this new feature page. Is this something I can set up in MixPanel?


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I assume this is a Flows report that I want to implement:

My application will need to implement an event that marks the user leaving the feature screen I want to get analytics from, and the flow report will capture everything (that our app reports) between the feature entry and exit.

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Hi @JohnC exactly! Once you have those events at each end you can tell flows to surface the steps between.