Using codeless tracking events in funnels

  • 28 May 2019
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Is it possible to use events created with codeless tracking events in funnels? For now, I see no way to do this - codeless tracking events are not present on the list of events you can include in funnel.


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Hi @Marek_Mlodozeniec! In our company, we came across this issue too. When we were using codeless tracking on our website, it seems like we could not see codeless tracking events on their newer reports. After reading this blog , our company made the decision to move away from codeless tracking and use their regular Javascript Library implementation on our website. Although it was a bit of curve to switch over, I am glad we did it!

I wanted to share the link to their Javascript implementation here in the case that you might want to change too. Also if you are implementing both server-side and Javascript client-side, it would be helpful to look at their hybrid implementation article here

Hope this helps you out!