User split by channel of acquisition

  • 3 October 2019
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Is there anyway to have a parameter in the "First App Open" event to get the channel source of the users? Is Branch the best solution to know wether if they come from a paid campaign or from a website prompt? Thanks!

1 reply

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@jaume - If you are interested in tracking attribution (i.e. what campaign source led a user to first download your app), for Android, you can track the referrer when the app is installed on the user's Android device by following the instructions in our documentation here:

However, for iOS, due to Apple's decision to hide referrer properties from most analytics tools, the approach with tracking iOS users' referrers is not as straightforward - you will need to leverage another provider such as Appsflyer or Tapstream (or Branch as you mentioned), since only a limited number of services can actually access UTM campaigns. I did some googling and found this Appsflyer and Mixpanel installation guide and Branch Guide with Mixpanel as well.