Unable to graph event property over time

  • 11 February 2021
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This seems pretty basic so I am probably missing something. Lets say I have a game that asks user questions. A question has a difficulty number indicating how hard it is. The game automatically adjusts question difficulty ratings as they are answered (wrong answer increases the rating, right answer decreases the rating).

All I want to do is create a graph displaying a question’s rating over time. I have an analytic event already calling “Question Rating” with properties for the Question ID and the new difficulty rating. I want to just put that on a graph. I attached a graph from a different analytics system showing what I want:


The problem is that Insights sort of insists on a time bucket instead of a discrete time series on the X axis. The best I can get Insights to do is an average per day time bucket, but then when a question isn’t answered on a day, it shows zero. Here’s the best I can do with Insights:



This is using criteria like this:



How can I customize the X axis to be a discrete series of each event, or how can I get it to show a flat line if nothing was answered in a day, if nothing happened that day?





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