Trouble linking shopify/sub domain

  • 13 April 2021
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I am hoping someone can help me out, I am fairly new to mixpanel and we are trying to implement it on a shopify site. We followed the instructions to setup shopify using the stacktrace post in the docs but we are running into two issues.

First, when an order is completed and we try and look at a flow with the order complete as the event there is no history before that event fires. 


The second issue is that we are getting events fired as the user goes through the site and in the live view I see events for the whole flow but I am getting two district ids which is my understanding is expected with shopify and the device ids attached to the district ids match so I assume this is what is supposed to tie them together? We have followed the instructions from the stacktrace post linked in the mixpanel documentation. Even if I try and create a report and filter by device id the reports are saying there is no data when I can see the event for that device id in the live view. 


We are currently on the free version of mixpanel while we evaluate to see if it can meet our needs and I believe it can if we can get these issues resolved. Any help with getting this resolved so we can built proper reports would be greatly appreciated.

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