Tracking first content users engage after sign-up

  • 25 August 2020
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Hi Mixpanel team - what is the best way to track which content users are engaging right after they sign-up for our service?


In our app, we offer a wide-range of “activities” that users can play after signing up (both free and paid users). We’d like to better understand what is the first activity that users play after signing up for our service, and I was wondering if you could share some tips. 


Based on the previous questions and answers posted on the community, it seems like the first step is to set up a user cohort that would only target the recently acquired users (i.e. just signed-up for the service). But after this step, I’m a bit stuck… Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! 



2 replies

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Here is how I would design the event for this

  • Have an event called “Activity Performed” for each of those activities.
  • Have a property to identify which type of activity is performed.
  • Have an incremental super property of activity_count.

Then you can look at all the events with activity_count = 1, and break down on type of activity property to see which ones are at the top.

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Thanks for sharing @Jaya ! :smiley: