Track every time a user logs on a different device (for suspicious activity)

  • 30 September 2020
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The idea is to flagged down sign ins on devices that are suspicious, much like how Google or Twitter alerts you of sometime possibly accessing your account. The reason behind this is because we have suspected account sharing with access to paid content. Is there a way to track suspicious activity easily in this way or are there other suggestions?



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This is exactly what I was hoping is available through Mixpanel.  Data gathering is great, but protecting our IP and paid content from being shared is also extremely important.

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@dbaker and @RossF this is possible but pretty manual in the sense that you will need to access the user profile and observe the location and identifying event properties from their history which will show vastly different locations. You can perhaps grab this at a glance by creating a report like the one below and linked here

We can see Benjamin seems to be in Dublin and New York today!