Totals by Day broken down by Cohort

  • 22 April 2020
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How can I use Mixpanel to summarize data showing things like total dollar amount of purchases by cohort age?

So we have new users sign up every day and they may or may not purchases a variety of products on any given day.  I’d like to know how much they spend on their first day on the app, on their second day, etc.


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3 replies

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Hi @visiblehand,

I am curious to know if you are capturing an event such as “Purchase” along with an event property that captures the “total amount” to capture the amount your users are spending? If you are, the Insights report might be able to help your use case.

For example I have a dummy project called Music Finder where I capture a Purchase Song event along with a Song Price event property. In Insight I set up my report to look at the Purchase song event sum, along with an aggregated value of my Song price Property, broken down by the special date property to see how much my users are spending per day and email to see which users(just me since it is my dummy report). Below I have attached a picture of my dummy report.

I can see that the highest spend was on February 14 with a total of 3.96


I hope this helps! 



That’s not really what I’m looking for.  I do have similar data elements to what your project has.  What I’m interested in is being able to see “How much did people buy on their first day after registering?”  or “How much did people buy during their second week after registering?”, not “How much did people buy on March 1st?”  

Since not everyone registers on the same day, I think I need some kind of calculated value that subtracts the join date from the event date, but not quite sure how to get that to work.

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@visiblehand you may be able to achieve this with a cohort of users who signed up in the past 7 days and then using the cohort as a filter in an insights report where you can put a “first time filter” on the purchase event perhaps?

First time filter

Updated cohort analysis