The format of my report is different. What has changed recently?

  • 29 August 2019
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The format of my report has changed recently. We have an event called 'Question Submitted' where we include a 'response_value' property. The following data is included in the response value property whenever the event is triggered, I believe as a String: ["Improving Mood","Tracking Symptoms","Reducing Stress","Relief From Pain"]

I used to be able to create an Insights report where I could breakdown 'Question Submitted' by 'response_value' and see the number of times each item of the array was chosen (See A). But as of mid August, the report looks entirely different (See 😎.

Does anybody know what changes were made and how I can get my report to look like image A? Thanks for your help.

3 replies

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Hey @telemarkus,

The right side of your screen looks like it is showing as a list for each individual value (Relief From Pain, Tracking Symptoms, Sleeping Better) and the right side of your screen looks like it is a list but in longer string property options inside of the list. I am wondering if there have been any changes made to your implementation that could have caused this?


@willyv We haven't changed anything about our implementation. The format of the report changed all of a sudden.

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@telemarkus I see, thanks for taking a look. I think what might help fix your view is to typecast it to a list view (article here to see how to typecast a property).

Since it is set as a string data type, I am assuming the view on the right screen is what is making it look long ["Reduce Stress", "Tracking Systems", "etc"]. Forcing the property into a list view might do the trick to reverse the look. Let me know if it works!