The analysis 'flows' shows same URLs page for many steps

  • 12 November 2019
  • 3 replies


I need to group up same urls event and check the user journey, please check attachment the Enter Capture Page shows 3 steps

3 replies


Hey @sophia_kuan,

are you trying to merge the capture page event into one single step on your flow?


hi, Oliverh @oliverh

Yes, I try many possible ways to merge "capture page event" into 1 steps in Mixpanel. however, seems like " same event cross many steps"~


@sophia_kuan I do not think you can merge events together because the nature of of the Flows report is to show you the most frequent paths taken by users from or to any event.

However, I was playing around with mine and it looks like you can group them by a property value with the breakdown button. is there something unique in your F_WS Enter Capture Page event you can break it down by?