Shopify - Total $ on spent on each product

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This is very hard to explain but I want to create a report that breakdown each vendor dollar amount that they made within a month period. Example of what the Event “Purchased” is recording:


Now I am trying to get a report that shows me the vendor called “Hana Jafar”, the product order is $xxx




Best answer by Muffaddal Qutbuddin 27 July 2021, 16:16

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@stephanie @Jaz-CommunityManager Hello Stephanie / Jaz, 

I was wondering if you could help on the above question?




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@Muffaddal Qutbuddin  is this something you can help with?

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@Hannah_HL Unfortunately, there isn’t a way to map array items of different properties in the reporting. You can use JQL to map the items based on their index number (assuming index number has such mapping) to get what you need.

Though JQL requires JavaScript background.