Segregating Re-Installers and Fresh Installers

  • 29 December 2020
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Using the “Launched the App” along with the 1st time ever filter on the Insights report (or even cohorts) gives us two sets of users:

  • Fresh Installers: Users who have indeed installed and opened the app for the 1st time ever on that particular device
  • Re-Installers: Users who had installed the app, uninstalled it due to some reason, and after a hiatus, re-installed it again

Our objective is to segregate these 2 types of users as they would typically exhibit different behaviors (as one set of users have interacted with the app) and sign-up/login tracking would be different (identities on Mixpanel differ pre and post sign-up).

One brute force solution is to get the advertising IDs (GAIDs) of the active users from say Aug-Oct and then map them against the GAIDs for the news users in Nov to get the intersection (re-installers cohort).

Is there any other way in which we can do this? We are not sure if our solution will work and scale as per our expectations.





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4 replies

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Not sure if there is a very good way of doing it since Mixpanel by itself doesn’t track installs. But have you tried $device_id property? Not necessarily sure, but may be it stays same across installs?

Yes the $device_id will certainly be a better proxy to identify compared to advertising ID.

The challenge still remains that everyday we have about ~5 Mn unique users (resulting in ~5 Mn unique device IDs) so an excel analysis is quite difficult.

How can we identify the users who were active in Aug-Oct, then uninstalled the app and re-installed it again in Nov? We’ll have to get the device IDs of All Active Users from Aug-Oct, then take device IDs of New Users (Launched the App for the 1st time ever) in Nov, and find an intersection to get the re-installers.

Is it possible to do this on Mixpanel itself?

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The best I can think of is that you maintain the list of device ids seen in your product and while sending the “Launched the app” event also send a property “new_device_id”, which is true if you are seeing this device id for the first time. Then use this property for your Mixpanle analysis.

This sounds like an interesting idea Jaya! Thank you so much. We’ll try creating this new property.

Do let us know if you have any further tips and ideas!