Same metric with different value in the insights report compared to the first step of funnel report

  • 28 April 2021
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I’m reporting on the same metric in both an insight report and in a funnel report. This metric is the first step of a funnel of “any order”. But I get very different values in these 2 reports. Both reports have the same time span. 

I can’t get my head around it. Has anyone experienced the same? Thank you!

6 replies

Hi @Nan! By any chance can you share how the Insights and Funnels reports look like? It would help me pinpoint what may be happening. Discrepancies in Funnels and Insights are pretty common since they’re typically used to measure different things. Going off what you have shared, there could be a few different things that could be going on. The first is that Funnels look at uniques by default while Insights look at totals by default.

The second is that the users that do any step 2, step 3, etc. in your Funnel report will not be counted unless they perform your first step (ie the metric you mentioned) and therefore fulfill the conversion criteria. With that logic in mind, users that do any of the following steps without first performing the first step will never enter the funnel. While these users won't be counted in the Funnels report, they will be counted in Insights which is why the reports’ values won’t match.

Lastly, your conversion window in your Funnels report may also impact whether or not the metric’s value will match on Insights. Here are some additional community posts explaining how that works:
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Hope this makes sense and gives some clarity on what could be happening!

Dear @nataliak , thanks so much for your reply! It helps a lot already. Just double checked the settings of both reports, I don’t think the descrepency is caused by the unique/total way of report in funnel or insight report, nor by the conversion window. So I’m guessing it’s likely due to the second reason you have mentioned. But I still cannot figure out why that is. My funnel report is set to be in any order. A funnel report set to “any order” will also exclude the users that do any step 2, step 3, etc while excaping step 1?

I’ve shared my report below. Thanks so much in advance for your help!

  1. Insight report. I use “total” here. This data is the total numbers of events since 2 March 2021.



  1. Funnel report: I also used “total” here. And the conversion window is 60 days (we are still within the 60 days since 2 March). 


Hi @Nan! So looking at the screenshots you sent over, it looks like you have an Insights report that’s measuring a specific event, and an any order Funnels report. Since you’ve put that your Funnels report can go in any order, that means your Step 1 of the funnel could be three different Form Submit events (each with a specific filter to go along with it) OR a filtered Propose Collab event. 

When you anchor the first step in a Funnels report, it should match the unique count in the Insights report because it is only referring to that specific event when a user enters the Funnel. 

However, if you make the funnel any order, then the first step is no longer the first event listed in the Funnel anymore. Instead, users can enter the Funnel on any of the events listed in the Funnel (assuming all events are any order with the * next to the event name).   

Does that make sense? Please let me know and I’ll be happy to clarify if needed!

Hi @nataliak, Thanks so much for your explanation again. Definitely makes sense. I anchored the first step of my funnel report. Now the unique counts of this event indeed matches the same metric in the insight report. 

While I still have one last question left: if I change the reporting in funnel and insight reports both to “total” instead of unique, I still get different numbers. The number in insight report is way bigger than the one in the first step in funnel. 

Thanks again in advance for your help!

@Nan Glad we got that figured out! Happy to look into your follow-up question :) 


When "Total" is applied on Insights report, it calculates all instances of your event. On the other hand, when "Total" is applied on Funnels report, it calculates the total attempts to (re)enter the Funnel. Let's say a user triggered the following events in a day: 

(1) Form Submit → (2) Form Submit → (3) Form Submit→ (4) Propose Collab

Insights report will count 3 "Form Submit" events. But Funnels report will only count 1 "Form Submit" from Step 1. 

In a Funnels report, Step 2 and Step 3 are not counted because they are not an attempt to (re)enter the Funnel. Imagine many other users sharing the sequence of actions above - it will result in a lower "Form Submit" count in the Funnels report. More information about how that works can be found in this help center article.


Hope that makes sense! 

hi @nataliak oh that makes total sense. Thank you so much for your help!