Retention report - session count and duration within event B

  • 16 July 2021
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Hello all,


I am trying to create an N Day/Month style retention report where the user has signed up to our app (event A) and then returns to open the app twice, each for 30 seconds minimum (event B), in order to be counted as retained for a given month. However I am unable to create a custom event for event B that allows me to do this. In other reports Session End (and the session duration filter within that) have been useful, but Session Start/End do not appear in the event B dropdown within the retention report. 


Creating a cohort of users with Session End and Session Duration to filter with has been tried but isn’t a viable option in our case as it would require creating monthly cohorts as far as I can tell? Event B also includes other events (event B is a “do one of X” event) but the problem we are having is the one described above.


Essentially I’d like to know if there is a way to say for a user who has done event A, that if they returned to do event B “X number of times” (and in our case for a specific duration), then they are retained for that month.


Hope my problem is clear, any advice would be appreciated. Thank you!


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@Peishan @kurby @mattsmith  is this something you can support with?

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Hi Matt,

What are the intentional actions that users can do on your app? Typically, we advise customers to pick retention metrics based on valuable actions that users do. e.g., if it’s a social media app, do at least a like; if it’s an ecommerce app, make at least a transaction, or at least an add to cart… etc. Otherwise, spending time on the app alone doesn’t quite tell you if the user has managed to find value in that session.

That said, if you want to capture duration of time spent, you can use our time_event() call. Documentation here: