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  • 18 July 2019
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I need to track email conversion in mixpanel.

Lets say if I send email to user "Please open page 1" or "Please open page 2", I want to see that from 2 emails user user open only Page 2.

I use Retention First Time report for this task like this:

1) First I check that I sent notification - event1 with additional data [page = PAGE_1] or [page = PAGE_N]

2) After that user visit page - event 2.

and what I can understand how can I add condition that event1 -> event2 and ==

Thanks, Igor


Best answer by james 22 July 2019, 20:31

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Hi @Igor, it sounds like you want to see the conversion when you send a certain email, how many of my users opened this email? If so, maybe their Funnels report might be a better report to see the conversion of your users who opened the email.

You can set up a Funnel like this, Event "Please Open Page 1" event -> "Messages Opened" Event. To learn more about Funnels, here are some of the resources they have on it. You can also track email open rates, it is outlined here with more detail.

Hope this helps!