Report to see average number between 2 users for a specific event


I have an event called “Invoice created”, which has a couple of properties “User ID” (The user who created the invoice), & “Customer ID” (The user with whom the invoice was created).

Basically, an invoice is created between two users. I want to create a report that shows me the average number of invoices created between 2 users. 

Let me give you an example to explain this further:

Let’s say I create an invoice with Akash. In total, I have 5 invoices with Akash. 

Similarly, I have 6 invoices with Aditya.

Again, similarly, Simran has 4 invoices with Sam. 

In this case, the result should be (5+6+4)/3 = 5 invoices 


I am unable to figure out how I can achieve this. I am okay with adding another property from the app as well, if that is required. 

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