Report stopped displaying data and Mixpanel displays wrong "user created" dates

hey! I created a while ago a report to display overall DAUs, and DAUs that are returning users (so that have signed up at least 24h prior). It was working fine until a few weeks ago but now the “returning users” chart is not displaying anymore (not even with the data it was previously displaying).

Furthermore, if I analyze the cohort of my users, it shows me like the amount of users has been almost completely constant in the last 12 months, even though I started my implementation only 3-4 months ago. See image below:


This used to show the right data but now has changed, and I really don’t get why. I guess the first issue mentioned above is somehow related to this one. Can somebody help?

PS. If I go on any user’s profile, the “Created” property is correctly set and displays the right date.

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