Report on Dashboard doesn't show all devices

  • 16 September 2021
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I have a Report on my Dashboard that shows unique devices.

However it will only show the one device.

Regardless if I refresh the Report or the Dashboard.

I went to the Report and it turns out, new devices aren’t being selected as the data appears:

Does that mean I need to edit the report every day?

Enabling the 2 other devices doesn’t seem to show on the Dashboard:


4 replies

I guess the title should have been “Report on Dashboard doesn't show all segments”

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@rickysullivan are both devices registered to the same user profile?

@rickysullivan are both devices registered to the same user profile?

In this scenario, yes, all 3 segments are from the same users.

Regardless of the profile, I want to show all the unique devices that have been tracked on my dashboard. I’m tying to get an overview of all the possible platforms/mobile devices that have been used in our app.

It’s like dashboards can only show 1 metric from a report.

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Hi @rickysullivan because the data function is set to “unique” it will only count each user once, can you try to change it to “total” this will then show every instance of the same user triggering the event and let me know if it helps?