Removing utm's from breakdown view of" current url"

  • 16 October 2021
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We are split testing some funnels. We have built a funnel analysis that works fine with them aggregated. However when we use the breakdown by current url it make urls based on every variation of url with different UTM’s. 


Ideally I’d like to aggregate all those funnel attributes into the root url.


I’m sure I can make another field that has the base url. However I thought there might be something more elegant.

Also if you look at the “current url” at the event level it doesn’t have the utm’s on it. Just when you do the breakdown.


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The way to accomplish this is to select “Create Custom” from the Breakdown menu. Then you can choose “Event Property” which will bring up a little function modal. There are some examples you can inject from the dropdown, one of them called “Extract Regex” actually is an example on extracting domains from URLs, you can adjust the regular expression to something like “https?:\/\/([^\\?]+)” to grab the path and exclude params.