Platform breakdown with users on multiple platforms

  • 19 October 2020
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The platform property is located on the user profile and therefor a user cannot be on two platforms at the same time. We have a product where users can access it both from web and native apps.

How can I create a report to show the breakdown of platform usage by time spent if a user can only be on a single platform ?


3 replies

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Could you not set the platform as super properties instead?

Not sure what you mean by “super” properties ? Is there different kind of properties, or are you talking about the regular properties that are attached to each event ?


As I have our setup right now, we send platform with each event. The problem with this is I dont know how to use this data to create a represenetation of usage on different platform. I cant simply just count the amount of events as that would depend on how the different platforms are sending events and it would create false data. 


I would love to be able to separate sessions dependning on what platform the user is on. So a user could have two seperate sessions going on at the same time on two different platforms and they would then could towards differents totals of minutes spend.


Am I making myself clear ? :)

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@Fille —

Super properties are event properties that are stored in local storage by client side SDKs and sent with each event. This is different from user profile properties that are stored in the user’s profile. 

  • Event Properties and Super Properties are associated with specific Events (i.e., they describe those Events or the user that did the Event at that time). However, Profile Properties give you detail about a certain user overall. In other words, Profile Properties describe your users as they exist in this moment. Profile Properties includes both user profiles and group profiles.
  • Profile Properties includes both user profiles and group profiles. However, Event Properties are bits of extra information that you send along with your Events which describe the details of that action. They are usually specific to the Event they’re describing and don’t apply universally to other Events.

If you send this data as a Super property like @robin suggested then you can pull in an event, or a session event, and then use the breakdown function in your query builder to segment your report by the platform property.