% of users performing event X times / week

  • 24 March 2021
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I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do this and it seems pretty basic - so I’m feeling stupid.

I would like to know what percentage if users in a specified cohort perform:

  • Any event 1-2 times / week
  • Any event 3-4 times / week
  • Any event 1-3 times / month

If I’m understanding correctly, the current frequency reports have an implied cohort of “users who performed the specified event as least once”. That’s not what I want though - I want this as a percentage of our whole user base (or a cohorted subset) meaning that even frequency = 1 is interesting to me.


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Hey Simon,

Don’t feel discouraged! First, you can navigate to the Users section and create the cohort of users there.  To get users who did any event exactly once in the last week, it’d look like this:

It’s slightly highlighted, but you can change the equals to not equal, greater than, less than, etc. and adjust the frequency and time range therein. 

Now to view it as a percentage, you can then create a cohort of just All Users (no filters) and show them both within Insights and use formulas to get the rate.  It’d look something like this:


Hope this helps!