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  • 7 December 2021
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Hi there,


I would like to have an insight about the events a new user trigger in his first session.

For example we have an event called “nodeAdd” that represents a certain action.

I need a diagram that shows me the average number of this event triggered only by new users in their first session.

First seen filter only provides the number of users over a time period but not restrict the events to the first session period.


Do I need to implement a distinct trigger “first user” for that or are there any other possibilties to find out new user’s behaviour of the first session (what I consider as a very important information).



2 replies

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Hello @mike , you can use flow report to understand what users do in their first app open. 


Thanks for your anwser. But I don’t need a qualitative but a quantitative measure.

With steps I can only measure the flow path and I want to know the total number per user triggering a certain event in the first session no matter how many steps were taken.

I played around with custom filters but they don’t provide to filter the events by this characteristic.