My Event Properties don't appear in filters

  • 28 June 2019
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I am sending data to Mixpanel via Segment whenever a user visits my website from my google PPC campaign. The event property appears in Mixpanel and I can see it when I click on the specific event in the Live View.

However, when I try to create a funnel and attempt to filter those users, I cannot see that event property (or any event properties I create) in the dropdown.

Can anyone guide me to a solution?

7 replies

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Hey! Can you share how you are trying to set up your Funnel in Mixpanel? Our team uses Segment web to populate data in one of our projects and it seems to be working fine for us. Maybe I can help with the setup of your Funnel


Hey @james thanks for the response. I am using a no-code platform called bubble and sending data via Segment to Mixpanel.

The Property bub_source is being captured correctly.

However, when I create a funnel and want to filter results based on the Property, I can't see it in the dropdown menu (it shows up in the Insights tab though).

Thanks for helping out.

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Hey, based on the screenshots you shared, it looks like the property of "bub_source" is attached to the event Visitor from a source. In your Funnel you are looking at the event Loaded a Page. Can you confirm that the "bub_source" property is also being set on the event of Loaded a Page?

The reason I ask is because event properties are tied to the event that sends it in to Mixpanel. If you are not setting the event property of "bub-source" with the Loaded a Page event, it will not show up as a property to select from. Hope this helps!


Hey @james thank you for pointing this out. Yes, you are absolutely right. That property is attached to Visitor from a source and not to Loaded a Page. Will fix it. Thank you for your help. Much appreciated.

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Badge glad I helped. Have a good weekend!

@james I am experiencing the same issue and can’t see any properties, events etc. on any feature apart from Insights. I doubled checked with my team and we implemented everything with an init function which runs once a page is loaded. 

In our case we are getting data from our iframe which is implemented on a 3rd party website.
We are using React. Does it have any influence on how we should implement Mixpanel?

Any ideas how should we resolve it? 

Thanks in advance!

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@Tal —

If you are seeing events in Insights, you should certainly see events in our other core reports. That said, Explore and Revenue reports run on unique data so it may be a separate issue. Can you expand on which reports you are blocked on using?


Also, we are nearing the release of our React SDK, but you can also join the Beta via this group! Using our React SDK will help ensure that we can support the data that is sent to your project. 


I look forward to hearing from you!