Multiply questions regarding Mixpanel project's profiles account

  • 5 August 2019
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Hey guys,
Hope you are doing well!

I have several questions regarding a few of our projects in Mixpanel accounts. I truly hope, that you'll respond to them, so I won't need to create further requests :)

1. How to mass delete visitors profiles in Mixpanel?
I need to find way how to mass delete profiles in Mixpanel by certain criteria. For example the country of the visits. The goal is to delete all profiles whose visits originated outside of the US.

2. How to add IP addresses to all Mixpanel events?
I need to find a way how to add IP addresses to Mixpanel events.
So basically, in user's profile properties I'll be able to see his/her IP address -->>

3. How to exclude visits from Mixpanel?
Could you please tell me the source of such visits and how to better exclude them -->>
The screenshot is taken from CancetTherapyAdvisor (our project's) profile in Mixpanel.

I would be very grateful for your help!

Have a nice day!

2 replies

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Hey @DanaL, I have offered some answers to your questions below!

1. Mixpanel has a helpful article here on how to delete people profiles. If you want to delete people profiles in bulk, you can do so using Mixpanel's API Module. Monica does a great job of outlining how to run an API Module with Python here on a community post. Going of Monicas instructions, you will just need to change your call from i.people_set_once to the i.people_delete call instead.

2. Because IP addresses are considered personal information, Mixpanel does not record IP address information in events. Mixpanel collects and parses a user's IP address for geolocation information for geolocation properties, but Mixpanel does not keep the IP address information. Here is a help article that goes into more about how Mixpanel handles personal information.

Moving forward, if you would like to capture IP address, here is a Stack Overflow page of different free services that find the IP address from JavaScript that might be helpful. However, be aware that capturing IP address as an event or people property might violate GDPR, especially your website/app has European visitors.

3. If you would prefer not to include internal traffic in the app at all, you could always stop them from being tracked. You can set an $ignore super property on their cookies, and their activities will not be registered. Mixpanel has an article about that here:

Hope this helps you out!

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Thank you so much! :)