Multiple dates in Flows

  • 21 September 2021
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Is it possible to add several dates to one flow report?

If I want to see all users day 1, that signs up and then have 2 touchpoints and then too see who out of these users that deletes.

Day 2 I want to see the remaining users from the previous day what theyre doing and how many that deletes  and continue like this for 10 days, is this possible with the flow report?


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Hi!  Great question this!


To get close to an answer on this I recommend you utilize the retention report.  You could build something like this:

This retention report shows the percentage of users that did “watch video” 7 days ago, and then came back and did “watch video” again on the subsequent days.  This is also broken down by a cohort that specifies whether the user was a power user (watched 2 videos 7 days ago):


Would this work for you?