Most recent Event, property value?

  • 31 July 2020
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Hey there - I’m trying to work out if it’s possible to pull the most recent value of a given Property, for a User, for a given Event?

My use case is that I plan to create a generic event, ‘Button Clicked’, which fires every time a User clicks any button - we’ll store the details of the specific button in a Property in the event and I’d like to make a visualisation that shows me the last value of this Property against each User?

Really pleased to see the User level Property & Event aggregation that was recently released - hoping if this doesn’t currently exist, this wouldn’t be too challenging of an extension to that feature..

6 replies

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Hi @tomslade15,

A few clarifying questions:

  • Is the “Button clicked” event the only one you need this analysis for?
  • Are there any other events that have the “Button name” property attached?

The reason I am asking is that if you only need this for the “Button clicked” event and there are NO other events with “Button name” property, you could set a people property called “Last button clicked” that would update every time the users clicks a button. You can learn about setting people properties here.

Let me know if this answers your need!



Hey Anca,

Unfortunately if it was purely needed for this event; I would definitely opt to just add as a User property/trait.

It’s something that I’m interested in across all of our events as we have a small number of generic events; which often distinguish their specific context via the properties e.g. Account_Holding_Changed (property might be Change: [Upgrade, Downgrade, Xsell, Churn]). 

Appreciate the idea though!


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Hi Tom,

Thanks for the extra details, it sounds like you spotted a product gap there, which I have shared with our team, so it’s taken into consideration when building out our roadmap. Really thankful for the feedback!

In the meantime, I can only suggest using a Flows report if, for example you want to see the last button clicked before a specific event. Another option would be to use JQL  to get the data, but that would involve more work on your side.

Hope we’ll be able to close this gap sooner than later, keep the feedback coming!


Hello @anca , 

Do you have any update on this one?

I would like also to get the property value for a user, the last time a particular event was triggered and I cannot find any way of doing so.


I’m also looking for this, I need to get the most recent event from a specific user (I have their distinct ID and email)


Is there any update?

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Hello Guys,
Your best bet is to use JQL and extract the last event using groupByUser function.