Monitor change in property value over time?

  • 2 December 2020
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Hi fellow Mixpanelers,

First ever activity here, hope I am able to make some sense as to what I’m trying to achieve.

So our app has a system in place that prompts users to leave an input between 0-10 upon starting the app, this occurs every time you start the app. This input triggers an event “Evaluation: Log” with one property holding the numeric value “evaluationValue: X”.

What am I interested to monitor is how this input (0-10) changes over time, or more precisely how it changes with more activity (more of this specific event triggered). E.g. first ever Evaluation: Log perhaps users leave on average a 3, but after ten app sessions perhaps a 5 and after 50 sessions hopefully an 8. 

But, I can’t seem to find a way to achieve this using any of the tools in Mixpanel. So I am hoping some Mixpanel expert here could perhaps help me out? 

Thanks a bunch!





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@filiptideman -

This is a really interesting use case! Something that comes to mind is if you record the value as an event with a property, then you can look at it in Insights using cohorts over time. For example, if you have a cohort of users that have filled out the form only a handful of times vs a user who filled out the form many times, you could compare the output values in Insights. 


I also think you might be interested in this research project! There are still spaces to sign up: