Mixpanel without appsflyer for app analytics

  • 10 December 2020
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Hello, hello.

We are new to mixpanel community. We are launching an app next month and have chosen Mixpanel as our one source of truth platforms, as we will be marketing it on various channels (such as FB, affiliates, GDN, app store etc)


The question here is it okay if we start with Mixpanel only without appsflyer integration? Did anyone do it and were they able to get all the data they need? What will we be missing?


1 reply

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AppsFlyer is not a requirement for deriving value from Mixpanel. You will be able to do a lot of user analysis in Mixpanel.

However, what you will miss is attribution data. If you want to see whether users coming from one channel are doing critical action on your app more often that those from another channel, the channel information can’t be captured with Mixpanel. AppsFlyer will help in that, with several caveats, of course, but overall useful.

You can always integrate AppsFlyer later, but attribution data will be available only for those who come after that integration.