Mixpanel Winter Refresh Training

  • 1 December 2020
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As we near the end of the year it can sometimes be a time to take stock, refresh and get some admin done. We know that sometimes Mixpanel is part of this list, the list of tools and processes you want to catch-up on and review. 

This week in EMEA at 1pm GMT we hosted Winter Refresh series of trainings each day! Check out the recordings and resources below:

  • Tuesday 1st - Mixpanel for beginners Recording Passcode:  g+$FjV0K
  • Wednesday 2nd - Creating an analytics strategy Recording Passcode 3kh#f?f&
  • Thursday 3rd - Mixpanel for all Recording Passcode 31?*QYYj
  • Friday 4th - New Feature Friday Recording Passcode eT8X*@v9 

1 reply

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Today in the Analytics Strategy call I mentioned a few things:

  • Health Check Guide(attached) - This can be used to test your implementation and ensure you are tracking the events that you need to measure what matters
  • Custom Events - If your value event is more like event(s) use a custom event to group them with a formula-like structure
  • Aggregate metrics - DAU, MAU, WAU are a few clicks within the insights report, you can also aggregate user behaviour in a number of ways noted here
  • Guide to product Metrics

Don’t forget to check out the recordings above and post your questions on this thread!