Minutes view not working in Dashboard (Today's data)

  • 30 November 2021
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So I’m able to create a quick Insights report that is a line graph of our # of logins per minute for the ‘Today’ time range.
When I save this to a dashboard however, it is only showing me hours, despite the dashboard also being set to ‘Today’ for timeframe.

We’re hoping to be able to get a platform health dashboard up and allow people to identify that if we go 5 minutes without a login, or a similarly important event, that there is a very high possibility that the platform has crashed, so that people can make the informed call to contact the engineering team outside of hours, rather than having to wait potentially two hours to see that no one logged in for an entire hour to be able to confidently know that there is a problem with our platform.


Ideally we want this to be a public dashboard (we don’t want to give MixPanel access to everyone in the business) and we assumed it would just work so we’re a little bummed out/confused by this right now.

I completely understand not showing hour view for a whole month, etc, in the dashboard but I think this kind of live platform health dashboard is a pretty reasonable/common use case and should be supported.  If I’m missing something to get this working, please let me know, I’m open to any ideas!!! (I considered a report breaking down by the Time of the event as a possible work around but it isn’t possible to break down by finer granularity than the minute).


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The dashboard is a report view, so once you change the dates it will also change the report timeframe.

What I suggest is selecting the “default” then it will show the report just as you wanted.


Thank you so much for pointing that out!!!  Feel a bit dumb that me clicking ‘Today’ for the timeframe when I created the dashboard before I added any reports caused me those dramas haha!