Measure Retention is a regular way

  • 26 July 2022
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Hi guys,

Does anyone know how can I neasure retention in the old fashion way? 

((End of Period Users - New Users) / Start of period Users) * 100


On mixpanel the showing the average based on cohorts which is nice but i myself dont really find it useful (maybe im missing something… feel free to teach me)

Im looking for a way to see the retention over time so I will be able to see how many users we retained from Period 1 to Period 2 and from Period 2 to Period 3 and so go on

Thanks in advance,



2 replies

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You can do this in the retention report if you set the time-unit to show monthly below, I’ve linked the example here. Let me know if this helps?


Why is it working only for monthly and not for weekly?