MAU exceeds total total users

  • 15 January 2021
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The graphics above show our total user count of 11,220 and the MAU report for “All Events” in a 30 day window shows a peak of 15k+ users. I’m no expert in this report so I’m clearing not generating it correctly, or reading it correctly. Can someone share insights on how total MAU can exceed total users?


Best answer by jxsh 16 January 2021, 13:48

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2 replies


It’s might be down to filters.

When you look for all users, next to where it says ‘showing 1000 of 11220 results; there is a little ‘Filter by’ dropdown. This lets you select between all users and user profiles.

Make sure you are comparing the same thing. You make be counting ‘user profiles’ in one and ‘all users’ in the other.

Please confirm this is not the case to make it easier for others to help.

Thanks @jxsh! That was it, turns out total users are near 40k, which makes the 15k more understandable. Thanks for the help. Much appreciated.