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  • 12 July 2021
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I’m reading the documentation of mixpanel and everything points towards being able to being able to associate a group profile property to a lookup table such as a product that a group profile has as a property, and joining that to a lookup table but nowhere in the ui for building reports is that an option. 

Specifically I have a property in my group profile called ‘product’ and I have a lookup table with matching keys but when I’m attempting to associate them the UI never gives me the option to “map to a lookup table” on the group profile property


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Hey Adam,

For group profiles, you wouldn’t utilize lookup tables at add additional properties.  Instead, you can upload new group profiles (still using a csv!) with the new properties on each group.  You want to ensure that the first column is titled $group_id, and the additional columns are the new group properties you want added.  If a group property already exists, it won’t change unless the value is different.

You can find the guideline to import group profiles here.


Thanks for the response. We do backend tracking with our group profiles so we’ll have to make it a code change for now  it seems, though thanks for the explaination and link!

so following this documentation and diagram:

have I misinterpreted or does it need some updating?

specifically it says: 

Lookup tables are joined to events, group profiles, and user profiles using the join key that you specify. Unlike group profiles, your events are not indexed by the join key. You can use lookup table properties to do filtering, breakdowns, etc but you can't do things like funnels analysis using the join key for uniques. seems to be more detailed on the topic but I found this too late

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That is a bit misleading indeed so we’re updating the docs on our side.  Thanks for pointing it out and looks like you found the article that details what you need.