List Property Use Cases

  • 16 January 2020
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List Property Use Cases
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Have you read about List properties and now wondering how you can use them to get some insights?  You have come to the right place! In this post we will be sharing some list property use cases for Insights.


Diving in, when we are looking at a list property on Insights, Mixpanel will automatically segment your data by each of the items in the list. Let’s walk through a few examples of business questions you can answer using list properties. For these examples, let’s use a website where shoppers can purchase groceries online called FreshSite.

Now, let’s consider some business questions list properties can help FreshSite answer.

What are the amount of loaves of Sourdough bread sold last month between November 1st - 25th, 2019?

To answer this question, we will need to breakdown the data by the list property. Mixpanel will breakdown list data by the individual values, rather than the complete list.

In the example below, when you breakdown the “Checkout” event by a list property of “Products”, you will see that FreshSite sold 15 loaves of sourdough bread on November 1st - 25th, 2019. 




What are the amount of checkout events last month that included bread?

For this question, you want to typecast our list property as a string to allow filtering of the data by certain words. You can then search for a certain substring or list element, and the Insights report will pull how many Checkout events had a value “bread” in its list that contained that substring.

Below we can see  that the event Checkout happens 24 times where it includes “bread”.



What is the total bread purchased for November 1st - 25th, 2019?

In the picture below, you will discover that there was a total of 51 bread purchases in November 2019 that included bread. To set this on your report, you will need to switch the chart view to a stacked bar, deselect all the items on the Legend section(lower right hand column), and then search for the key term “bread”, to be able to select all the items that are bread.


We know from the first chart that there were 15 sourdoughs, 15 whole wheats, and 21 challahs across 51 purchases. 




Are my customers continuously buying bread? 

With Retention and list properties, FreshSite can easily see if specific items are purchased multiple times. It’s great to know not only if users are loyal to your company, but also loyal to specific products. In the image below we can see how to set up a Recurring Retention report where Products contains bread.


What common paths are leading my users to checkout? 

FreshSite users might view numerous pages before they decide to register and then later purchase. You want to know what paths lead to higher conversions, so that you can guide users through a specific flow and increase the conversion rate.

To do this, you can go on our Flows report, set the Event Paths Ending to Checkout event. Additionally, you can expand the event by a property to see the list product properties under the Checkout event. Seeing the list property to see which items at check out where the highest.




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