Is it possible to see the users behind the retention report?

  • 27 August 2021
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I’d like to see the exact profile of users from the retentions table - is that possible to do in Mixpanel?




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Hello Tonyx!


I hope you are doing well, I work at Mixpanel and have a solution for you!


Two ways you can do it.


Both require you create a cohort.


The first way is right from that retention report. After creating a cohort in the bottom left you will see a pop up that looks like this. Click view users and it will take you to the user tab filtered by the cohort where you can see the list of users.


The second way is more roundabout and if you missed the pop up. You would create the cohort and then go to the user tab and filter by the cohort like the image below and you will get a list of all the users who are in that cohort.



Hope this helps!