Insights Report: New changes coming (comment to get access to beta)

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We're really happy to announce that we are bringing some changes to Insights, that will make it more powerful and streamlined. We are adding a few new data functions, that will let you do frequency analysis really easily (e.g. how many users did an event 1 time, 2 times..), calculate the number of unique property values per user and a lot more.

Here's a quick walkthrough of what's coming:

Interested in joining the beta? Email us at



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Greetings Mixpanel users!

As a follow up to the walkthrough video, here’s a quick overview of the new functions and the questions that are now possible to answer:

  • Highlight: We now allow users to calculate metrics based on individual user behavior, not just across all users
    • Current: Operators like Total, Sum of property value calculate metrics based on all users.
      • Total (Song Played) calculates the total number of times the event "Song played" is done across all users.
      • Sum of property value (play time) on Song Played calculates the total listen time across all events and users.
    • New: Our customers can now compute metrics based on individual behaviors like:
      • Count of events per user
      • Sum of property values per user
      • Average of property values per user
      • Distinct count of property values per user (calculates the count of unique property values per user)
      • Min property value per user
      • Max property value per user
    • But having a value per user might be interesting for targeting, it isn't easy for aggregate analysis across your user base. This is why we've also added the ability for our users to aggregate the per-user values across all users:
      • Distribution operator (New option - this can be used to look at a distribution of users by a certain value per-user/per-group)
      • Sum
      • Average
      • Median
      • Min
      • Max
  • So what? Here are some sample questions that can now be answered very easily!

  • Scenarios now supported in Insights


Great! Is it possible to get access to beta? Account: obido /

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Hey @elnino , your projects have now been whitelisted!

Hi, would love to get access to this. Thanks!

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Hi @cliff - your projects should be all set as well!

@moinakb thanks! this is super exciting, will return with thoughts/feedback

hi @moinakb, are there plans to have “Distinct count” as an option under “Event property values”? The use case is that I have an event called “Edited Object” and it carries an unique object_id. I want to see how many unique objects were edited per day, total. In order to workaround this I ended up adding two events. A: Edited Object, Distinct property value count per user, object_id, aggregated by Average and B: Edited Object, Unique. And then I added a formula to do A*B, which in theory gets me what I want. Let me know your thoughts, thanks!

Hey @moinakb  I would like to get access to this. Thanks.

Can we get beta access?

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@Purva and @mck- - projects in your organizations should now be whitelisted. Let me know if you have any questions?

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@cliff Unfortunately, we don’t support “distinct property value count” across all events at this time, but we are looking into this right now, and can let you know when we have an early version ready.

Having said that, the way you are trying to work around the problem is actually incorrect.

Let’s consider this example:

User1: objectIDs edited: (A,B) → 2 ,

User 2: objectIDs edited: (A,B,C, D, E) → 5

User 3: objectIDs edited: (X, Y, Z, A, B) → 5


What you want is the unique count of ObjectIDs edited: (A,B,C,D,E,X,Y,Z) → 8

What you get from your approach:

  • A→ Distinct property value count per user → Average: (2+5+5)/3 = 4
  • B → Unique users doing “Edited Object”: 3
  • A*B: 12

Hope this helps?



@moinakb thanks for the update and explaining that! Makes a lot of sense. Thanks

Great! Is it possible to get access to beta? Account: Ronan /

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Would love access!

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Hi @aaron and @Ronan: the new operators should now be enabled for all your projects.


We’re also going to make this generally available for all customers in the next few days, so stay tuned for some additional updates!



Hi! This looks awesome! Would love to get access :)

Hi, I would like to join beta too. 

Hi! This looks awesome! Would love to get access to this. Thanks!

This looks neat. Would love beta access.

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Would love beta access!

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Hi everyone! These new capabilities are now generally available for all projects. Please send us an email on if you have any questions or feedback (good and bad!).




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Hi @cliff !: quick update. We have just launched a new operator to the Insights menu: Distinct count of property values, which lets you count the unique number of property values for an event across all users! Click here to learn more, and click here for a quick video walkthrough.




Hi could I have access to this beta? Or is it live and I’m just missing the functionality? Thanks!

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@newtonb920 All of this should be live. What question are you trying to answer? happy to help