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  • 3 January 2019
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Good morning,

I would like to further group the informetion I get on insights. For example, to group birth dates in something like 1970 to 1984 / 1985 to 2000...

Been crawling on the internet but without luck.



Best answer by ivanmuniz 8 January 2019, 12:27

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You can do that by saving the people property "age" instead of "date of birth" which will be "date" data and it won´t allow oyu to group and event. In that way, for instance you can break the event 'purchase' by 'age' and you will get something like "20 to 34= 68", "34 to 42=25", and so on.

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Thanks @IvanMuniz. You mean presegmenting that date in the property (like a 20 to 34 property and so on)? Or calculated ages (like 20, 21, 22, 23...) and then I will have a group option for reporting?

Thanks again

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@bkool let´s say you have an event that is 'purchase', and a people property (numeric, not date type) that is 'age'. You can break (or group) the number of purchases by age, but this grouping will be done automatically by Mixpanel. For instance:

21 - 25 (years old): 86 purchases

49 - 53: 76 purchases

53 - 71 : 65 purchases

26 - 31: 52 purchases

You can do the same with 'date of birth' selecting year as time unit and you will get:

1978: 86 purchases

1980: 76 purchases

1958 : 65 purchases

2001: 52 purchases

The point is that you cannot select the years or the age, because maybe nobody with that age has performed the event, Mixpanel group them based on the number of times the event was performed.

Hope that helps!