Insights: Apply formula and breakdown by property not available in all components of the formula

  • 26 September 2019
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We're trying to make an Insights report to know "How many times Event A" is performed for every "Event B". And we want this broken down by property X which is only available for Event A.

Note that Event B happens before Event A.


How many times do users "Filter Items" (Event A) per time they "List Items" and what "filter category" (property 😵 are they using?

So if we have a bunch of events for one user:
{ name: "List Items" }
{ name: "Filter Items", properties: { "Filter Category": "Size", "Filter Value": "Large" } }
{ name: "Filter Items", properties: { "Filter Category": "Color", "Filter Value": "Blue" } }
{ name: "Filter Items", properties: { "Filter Category": "Color", "Filter Value": "Red" } }

We'd like to the report to tell us that the user did "Filter Items by Color" two times per "List Items" event.
And that the user did "Filter Items by Size" one time per "List Items" event.

And, of course, we'd want this as a median or average across all users.

Result / In Mixpanel

So our attempt to do the above in Mixpanel goes:

(A) SHOW TOTAL "Filter Items"

(B) SHOW TOTAL "List Items"


"Filter Category"

in the

Last 30 days

Then we apply the formula A/B

But this results in 0 for each value of "Filter Category" in the breakdown.
Our guess is that this is due to "List Items" not having property "Filter Category".


I am not 100% sure there is a solution. So I am not going to suggest one.
But on request, I believe I can provide a JQL (or SQL) query to illustrate what we'd like to see in Insights.

I hope the above makes sense. We've seen this limitation bite us a few times already so perhaps it is us not understanding Insights fully, or there is room for valuable improvement.

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Hi @christoffer,

If I am understanding correctly, it sounds like you want to see which users perform Event B, then go on to do Event A, and breakdown Event A by the Filter Category property? If so, I think the better report to use might be Funnels to help you see this.

Based on your example, you can set up your Funnel with your first step being Event B (List Items) and then second step Event A (Filter Items). Then you can set up to count unique or total counts and conversion window (read more here) and save your report. Once your Funnel is set, you should be able to see the total or unique count of Event B -> Event A. Lastly, if you want to further breakdown your funnels by "Filter Category" property, you can do this by doing a breakdown - breakdown will group the results of your funnel by property and allows you to examine which properties have a significant impact on the conversion rates of your Funnel.

I have found these two articles very helpful to get familiar with Funnels - Setting up a Funnel and how to Interpret a Funnels report.

I hope this helps!