Inconsistent data?

  • 24 July 2020
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Hello everyone, would really appreciate some help with some funnels i’ve created. Maybe i’m approaching it the wrong way.


For background this is a mobile app. I’m using First App Open event to start- there are then 2 options at this point 1. onboarding_get_started or 2. already_have_an_account


In an ideal world, I want create a funnel that shows number of users who complete step 1 or step 2 and then the drop off at this point where users do neither. I created a custom event here to include either event 1 or 2, this appeared to give me what i needed but when comparing the numbers to previous funnels i created with event 1 and 2 separated out the numbers do not match up. My assumption would be the 3rd graph should display 37 (24+13) user who converted but there are only 28. Any help appreciated.


I know flows provides quite a nice visualisation but I can’t seem to save this to the dashboard



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