In Insights breakdown by "Time (Hour of Day)", which time zone is being considered?

  • 14 September 2021
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I am trying to understand how engagement throughout a user’s workday. As such, I tried to apply a breakdown of “Time (Hour of Day)”. Does the count for “19:00” hour come from the events that happened at 7 pm in the user’s timezones or in my (the dashboard reader’s) timezone?



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Hi @Ranjita Das 

The Timestamp of events in the project follow the Project’s timezone that you set at the time of creating the project in Mixpanel.

In insight reports, when breaking down events by Time (hour of the day), “19:00” bucket will hold events that happened at 19:00 as per project timezone.


Thank you for your response, @naitik.soni  :)  
Is there any configuration we can do in order to see the count based on every user’s timezone? For example if I am trying to understand what is a good time to send a notification.