Impact report - reliant on distinct IDs?

  • 17 November 2020
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In trying to the the new Impact report, I’m finding that it often comes back with the “We couldn't find any data for your query.”  for some reports that I’ve tried to run. In trying to troubleshoot this, I’m thinking it’s because the some impact events I’ve tried to use don’t have Distinct IDs/users associated with them and this report relies on putting users into groups for analysis. 


Could anyone confirm if this would be causing this issue? 


Best answer by Peishan 18 November 2020, 05:08

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3 replies

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Hi Matt,

All events would have distinct IDs associated with them though. That said, the impact report does require at least 200 users with at least 20 adopters for the query to run. Perhaps that could be the case?

@Peishan  - Thanks. Yes, I missed that and thinking maybe the problem is the Distinct ID user identifies aren’t the same between the two events. These are B2B cases so users with the impacted event aren’t the same as the users of the launch event. I think what I’m needing is for the impact report to support group analytics. Would you know if that is coming anytime soon? 

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Hi Matt - that is a gap for now. I can file it for you though!