how to use multiple instances event in funnel report correctly


We get two events, lets say A: NotificationCreated and other B: NotificationButtonClick. Of these A is sent on a daily basis and there are multiple instances of the event while event B is performed sparingly. What I want to create is a funnel report of just a report of users who have performed B within 10 minutes of doing event A.

The issue is since there are multiple instances of A per user, that do not count towards the conversion as it is only taking the first instance of A (as per my understanding) and what I read from 

What I want is all users who might have performed the 2 events in order (A to B) within the mentioned conversion window and not be concerned with the first instance of A. Example I have a user whose event log is like this but doesn’t count towards the conversion as event B is not performed within the time frame of the first instance of A. 

It would have been possible with DATEDIF() if I could use “DATE” property of two separate events but that would also not work as DATEDIF only gives output in days and not minutes. Any help in figuring this out would be greatly appreciated.

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