How to track inactive users?

  • 8 February 2021
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We’ve recently set up Mixpanel and how have about 2 weeks data to work with. We want to track inactive users by seeing which users have no logged in within the last 3 weeks. 

It seems that a user must have logged in since we set up Mixpanel for us to check if they have been inactive, is there a way around this so that we can see all our users who have not logged in? 



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I would also like do know this. Cohorts are really difficult for this because any user properties aren’t stored over time. They are only up to date with the current number. This means that you basically can’t track a cohorts changes over-time which diminishes the use of cohorts a lot.


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Hello Lou, there are two ways to go about this.

First is you have a login event that user must trigger before interacting with your platform. You can build a cohort of users who did not perform login event in last 3 weeks. 

Second is you setup a user property say last_login_date and create a cohort using that property as last_login_date before 3 weeks.