How to track average duration of an event (instead of average events by duration?)

  • 29 March 2019
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Currently, my project has an event ("Button Click") with a property of "Duration", which counts (in ms) how long it took for that event to occur since the most recent event.

For example, if I clicked the button, waited 5 seconds, and then clicked the button again, the second "Button Click" event would have a "Duration" property of 5000ms.

How can I see the AVERAGE DURATION of all "Button Click" events? Currently, all MixPanel supported views show the average "Button Click" events in a timeframe (filtered by duration), but not the reverse. Does MixPanel support this? If not, when?


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Go to insights type your event in your case "Button Click"

Then click on properties
Find "Duration" property and click on it

then change show from total to average.

Here are steps in pictures. I hope this helps

BSB_ExerciseDuration is in your case "Button Click" event

After that you will see just one number in seconds or milliseconds depends on your settings.